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ekasepbanjar is Block Producer on Vexanium Blockchain


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ekasepbanjar is TOP 21 Block Producer. Everyday ekasepbanjar produce block.

How to vote BP ekasepbanjar.

For get reward from ekasepbanjar, you must follow step by step below:

  1. You must download wallet Vexanium. You can download it at website Vexanium

  2. You must create vexanium account for your wallet VEX. For create vexanium account, you can using our service Free Account or buy Premium Account. Import Private Key to your wallet Vexanium.

  3. You must have VEX, minimal 50000 VEX. You can buy VEX at indodax.com. After buy VEX, you must send your VEX to your vexanium account created.

  4. After you have minimal 50000 VEX at your vexanium account. You must staked your VEX to CPU and NET.

  5. After that, vote ekasepbanjar with click Vote ekasepbanjar below.


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Staking your VEX and Get Reward

Staking Vexanium (VEX) means locking your crypto for a certain period of time. These locked assets are used to validate transactions in DPoS blockchains. Staking is similar to having an interest at a bank savings account. EOS, Atom, Cosmos, Tezos, Vexanium (VEX) are some cryptocurrencies you can stake. Basically, you leave these coins in your wallet and receive periodic payouts based on the amount of funds you stake.

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You can use our service. All our service is Decentralized Application (DApp). You must login using vexwallet for use it.

VEX Ecosystem

You can register Block Producer, Claim reward BP, Stake and Unstake your VEX, Transfer VEX, etc.

Free Account

You can create a vexanium account for free.

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You can buy a vexanium account for premium.


You can send sms to others Decentralized. Your messaage encripted and recorded at vexanium blockchain.

Bidname Claim

You can claim your bidname after you bidname closed.

VEX Contract

You can set CODE and set ABI using Web. You can create your own token.

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Email : ekas@vexjabar.org